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Letter to the Editor: English language is common bond for immigrants

Letter to the Editor: English language is common bond for immigrants

January 6, 2012

To The Editor:

Jane Prendergast’s story entitled “Council to Change English-Only Signs” [January 4, 2012] overlooks a crucial shortcoming of multilingual signs and translations.

As an immigrant myself, I am all too familiar with the challenges facing non-native English speakers. But when we attempt to translate signs, documents and the like into additional languages, we are creating a culture of separation rather than unity. These translations also send the wrong message to new immigrants, implying that they do not need to learn English to succeed in America.

As the Cincinnati City Council prepares to move forward with a plan to institute multilingual signs, I urge them to remember: diversity is one of the greatest qualities we enjoy as citizens of the United States; but among all of our differences, English is the common bond that ties us together.

Mauro Mujica

Chairman/CEO U.S. English, Inc.

Washington, D.C.

You can view the letter on the Cincinatti Enquirer's website by clicking here.

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