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Letter to the Editor: Group endorses Official English

Letter to the Editor: Group endorses Official English

January 28, 2012

To the Editor:

The Erie Times-News was absolutely correct in its Jan. 17 piece, "Our View: Help newcomers learn our language." We should make it a priority to help immigrants assimilate to American culture, and providing them with more opportunities to learn English should be a first step.

As an immigrant myself, I have seen firsthand the doors that open upon learning the English language. English fluency leads to easier employment, higher income and a better life. The state House is currently considering a bill sponsored by Rep. RoseMarie Swanger (H.B. 361, the Pennsylvania Official Language Act) that would make English the official language of the government.

This legislation would allow the state to save money on providing translations and documents in other languages, and would provide the opportunity to use that money to create additional English language classes to help immigrants thrive. I commend the Erie Times-News for promoting free English learning programs, and I encourage readers to call on their state representatives to support Official English. Doing so will ensure that all foreign newcomers face their best chance at success in the United States.


Mauro E. Mujica
Chairman, U.S. English, Inc.
Washington, D.C.

You can view the letter on the Erie Times-News website by clicking here.

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