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U.S. English Extra: Maryland Gazette Letter to the Editor

U.S. English Extra: Maryland Gazette Letter to the Editor

March 7, 2012

To the Editor:

Joe Volz’s March 1 column ‘English law teaches the wrong lesson,’ is incorrect in declaring that English as the official language of Frederick County will make things harder on immigrants. In reality, not encouraging immigrants to learn English leaves them at a disadvantage.

As an immigrant myself, I have experienced the challenges of assimilating. I have also seen firsthand the doors that open when an immigrant learns English. Official English is meant to help immigrants by raising them up to the economic level of native born citizens. Rather than providing translations that send the message of an ‘English optional’ society, Official English sends a message of assimilation. When an immigrant learns English, he is more likely to hold a better, higher-paying job and is able to fully participate in the democratic process.

Official English allows immigrants to speak whatever language they choose in their daily life, but sends the message that learning English is the key to success in America.


Mauro E. Mujica
Chairman of the Board
U.S. English, Inc.

To view the original column in The Gazette, “English law teaches the wrong lesson” by Joe Volz, please click here.

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